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Company Koudijs MKorma started its activity on the Russian agricultural market 25 years ago. Today Russian-Dutch company has opportunity to offer its partners the wide range of quality products for feeding farm animals and poultry – premixes, prestarters, protein vitamin mineral complex and also feed additives - vitamins, amino acids, coccidiostatics, antibacterial agents and enzymes.

The reputation of the trusted manufacturer, reliable supplier, honest and open partner, allows the company to guarantee its customers high-quality products that are thoroughly tested at the stage of procurement of raw materials, production and sales of feed.

All products are accompanied by a certificate of conformity of quality and meet international quality standards.

Using the products of Koudijs MKorma provides to your enterprise increasing value of finished goods and the highly effective maintenance of agricultural animals in terms of a sustainable development of your enterprise.

Activity advantages of Koudijs MKorma consist of the following:

  • High European quality of products produced in Russia;
  • The best technological support of sales;
  • Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts;
  • The shortest terms of goods production.


To the question "How to buy our products?",  we always answer "Very simply!"

  1. Call us by phone: Тel:  +7 495 645-21-59 / +7 495 651-85-20
  2. Fill out the application for calculation of receipt
  3. You will get the feedback in 1-5 days.

Our contacts:

If you want to write us a letter

Koudijs MKorma Russia, Moscow,  p.o. Voskresenskoe, p.o.b. 62

If you want to visit us

Koudijs MKorma

108803, Russia, Moscow, Letovo, 5d

We are also waiting for your offers and wishes, which you can send to our corporate e-mail: info@kmkorma.ru


Specialists of our company will help you to arrange delivery of acquired production with the weight from 1 kilo to 60 tons in any part of the country by any kind of transport. Trusting us the goods delivery arrangement, you can be sure in their safety. We will take care of high-quality and expeditious delivery. 

All process of loading, cargo transportation and shipment is doing coordinately, carefully, most precisely, accurately and quickly.

Delivery of goods can be made by: 
  • automobile transport
  • railway transport

         -  wagons


  • shipment at own expense is carried out from the warehouse to the address: Russia, Vladimir region, Sobinsky District, Lakinsk, Lenin prospect, 42. 

Working hours of warehouse:

From 7.00 till 18.00

Without days off

According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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