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Quality control

High quality of production is also provided by the comprehensive monitoring: raw material, technological process and finished product.

De Heus factory owns a high-tech laboratory.

Pinnacle PCX is designed to determine the amino acid content of feeds, premixes and raw materials. It allows identifying 19 amino acids in one sample.

Microstrip enzyme linked immunosorbend assay (ELISA) Stat Fax 303+ is designed for parallel quantitative analysis of both large amounts of materials and individual samples. The time of analysis is 30 minutes; the results are consistent with HPLC data.

For more accurate, fast and high-quality analysis of vitamins and amino acids, the latest generation of Perkin Elmer liquid chromatography system is used. It performs analysis of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E simultaneously. The device automatically switches the wavelength for each of the three vitamins, calculating the actual vitamin content of the calibration curve based on the Sigma vitamin-standard.

The modern base Foss, created on the basis of Dutch calibration taking into consideration the raw materials used in Russian production and finish product. It allows analyzing the indexes of raw materials nutrition and finish product. In raw materials the following components are being analyzed: protein, fat, fibre, moisture, ash and starch. As to the finish product – fat, fibre, moisture and protein. The analysis period is 5 min. + sample preparation on the ring mill, where the substance is being milled to the fineness needed, set on the ring mill according to the standard for NIR method.

The lab staff has mastered new modern devices of FOSS company:

Kjeltec is able to detect protein in raw materials and finished feed;

Fibertec - fiber in raw materials and finished feed;

Soxtec - fat in raw materials and finished feed.

Thermostatic bath for sample preparation Termex is a modern laboratory instrument that evenly heats the samples placed in its chamber. The presence of a digital display and manual indicator allows technicians to accurately set the temperature of the water chamber and create samples with the utmost accuracy and the least amount of error.

2-6 Е, Sigma - is a desk-mounted laboratory centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor. It is designed for centrifugal separation in small and medium volume, both cooling and heating functions, at the speed of up to 4 000 rpm. It’s used to separate sample in volumes of 100 ml.

All products of Koudijs MKorma comply with the global quality standards, ISO 9001-2009 and ISO 22 000, including HACCP, which guarantees for consumers products’ high quality and safety; the laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025-2009.

Competent and thought-out combination of all the components allows Koudijs MKorma company producing high quality product, which is not inferior to the western analogs.


According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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