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The stable partners of the company are the biggest Russian producers of agricultural products, such as:

Agroholding BEZRK Belgrankorm www.jasnzori.ru,

AOJSC Belorechenskoye www.belor.ru in Irkutsk region,

LLC Kamsky Bekon www.kambekon.ru and LLC Chelni ­Broiler www.agroforceg.com in Tatarstan republic,

OJSC Permsky Svinokomplex www.svk-perm.ru in Perm region,

CJSC Mordovsky Bekon www.talinagroup.ru in Mordovia republic and many others.

Cooperation with these enterprises is based on constant basis, on mutual support and trust, providing long-term, stable relations between our companies.


Do you know that the average frequency of semen from one boar is 4 days? (boar semen after, boar is given 3 days of rest and on the 4th day boar semen is taken again)
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