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  • Quality. We are constantly updating our goods and service quality as well as our staff expertise for long-term, stable and successful business developing purposes.  

  • Efficiency. We focus on the strong financial result obtaining in a good cause of our partners’ business, our company prosperity and our staff well-being.

  • Respect. We build our business according to the principles of integrity concern, to the special rules taking into consideration our partners’ interests, enterprise colleagues, our staff, consumers and environmental advocacy groups.

  • Openness. We are ready for innovations, experiments and new concepts in the field of feeding. We contribute to the integration of expertise international professionalism standards, effectiveness with high potential of Russian and Dutch specialists in the feeding sector, microclimate and premix production organization.

  • Responsibility. We adopt advanced feeding technologies and take responsibility for the result of our partners’ enterprises.  

Do you know that the average frequency of semen from one boar is 4 days? (boar semen after, boar is given 3 days of rest and on the 4th day boar semen is taken again)
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