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Pig Breeding

Basis of modern pork production - balancing rations for various age groups of pigs. For fuller realization of the genetic potential it’s accepted to be guided by the norms adopted by vendor breeding material vendor. Basis of diets are well known for the specialists of Koudijs MKorma company who have the opportunity to use modern computer programs for ration formulation, balancing nutritive value and their cost, to monitor continuously the quality of raw materials and finished products.

For the calculation of rations and receipts for partners enterprise usage company technologists in pig breeding use "Best Mix" program through which prices can be optimized and balancing rations for all nutrients, including amino acids by, mineral substances, account being taken of protein - energy relations.

Permanent access to "Best Mix" program allows professionals to react to changes of raw material base and offer the most economical recalculation of rations.

The most important result of joint work of experts and partners farms is the increasing of enterprises’ profits, their continued growth and sustainable development.

Along with the technological support of the sales, the specialists of Koudijs MKorma provide consulting services that include:

  • development of individual rations for each company;
  • consulting on technology of feeding and keeping of animals;
  • consulting services for the improvement of production technologies;
  • consulting services for indoor climate enterprises.


According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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