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Egg Production & Poultry

Кoudijs MKorma develops individual feeding programs for egg and poultry farms. The main target – maximal recipe optimization allowing reducing feeds prime cost significantly, saving high nutrient and quality index.

To develop genetic potential of present cross poultry our company:

  • develops recipes taking into consideration the cross, feeding base characteristics used at the farming, feeding technologies and poultry keeping;
  • optimizes up to 400 parameters nutrition ration using Best Mix computer program;
  • produces premixes on the equipment, which allows distributing evenly vitamins, amino acids, salt, natron, kokcidiostatics, enzymes, drugs for egg yolk coloring, antibiotics, prebiotics, probiotics and other components, which are less than 0,5% of the total composition.

Usage of Кoudijs MKorma premixes allows:

  • reducing of human factor influence and hand work expenses at the farming;
  • reducing compound feed and finished product prime cost significantly;
  • improving zootechnical indexes: egg laying capacity, mass of laid eggs, feeding conversion, gain in the live weight of the broilers, poultry safety and immunological status.

Кoudijs MKorma production is already chosen by many poultry farmings of Russia

  • Agroholding BEZRK Belgrankorm of Belgorod region;
  • CJSC Belaya Ptica of Belgorod region;
  • LLC Chelni Broiler of the republic of Tatarstan;
  • LLC Liskin investment-building company Broiler of Voronezh region;
  • Agricultural OJSC Belorechenskoye of Irkutsk region.

 Broiler meat production

Кoudijs MKorma produces and sells concentrates and premixes for broiler meat producers.

 Recommended program for broilers feeding:

  • Prestart (0-10 days) 2-3%  premix or 10% concentrate;
  • Start (11-20 days) 1,5-2% premix;
  • Growth (21-30 days) 1,5-2% premix;
  • Finish (31-40 days) 1-2% premix.

Usage of Кoudijs MKorma products allows:

  • supporting of genetic potential manifestation of modern crosses broilers;
  • improving broilers efficiency indexes:  gain in live weight, feeding conversion and poultry safety;
  • reducing compound feed and finished product prime cost significantly;
  • reducing of human factor influence and hand work expenses while feeding production;
  • improving feeding quality. 
Do you know that the average frequency of semen from one boar is 4 days? (boar semen after, boar is given 3 days of rest and on the 4th day boar semen is taken again)
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