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Pig Breeding

Кoudijs MKorma sells concentrates and premixes for pig-breeding farms and formula-feed plants.

Recommended feeding program includes:

  • Prestarter feed KPLF № 9160 (1-42 day);
  • 20% concentrate within starting period (45-60 day);
  • 15% concentrate within growing period (60-110 day).

Usage of Кoudijs MKorma premixes allows:

  • stimulating immune system and increase the average daily gain;
  • reducing the fattening period of pigs for more than 3-5 days;
  • increasing the meat output and gain high production indicators;
  • reducing production cost price for 1 kg of increase;
  • increasing economic efficiency of pig production for 7-10%.

Кoudijs MKorma production is already chosen by:

  • LLC Kamsky Bekon the republic of Tatarstan;
  • OJSC Permsky Svinokomplex Perm region;
  • LLC Russian Svinina Rostov region;
  • OJSC BEZRК Belgorod region;
  • LLC Mortadel Firm Vladimir region.


Do you know that the average frequency of semen from one boar is 4 days? (boar semen after, boar is given 3 days of rest and on the 4th day boar semen is taken again)
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