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Pig Breeding

Кoudijs MKorma sells concentrates and premixes for pig-breeding farms and formula-feed plants.

Recommended feeding program includes:

  • Prestarter feed KPLF № 9160 (1-42 day);
  • 20% concentrate within starting period (45-60 day);
  • 15% concentrate within growing period (60-110 day).

Usage of Кoudijs MKorma premixes allows:

  • stimulating immune system and increase the average daily gain;
  • reducing the fattening period of pigs for more than 3-5 days;
  • increasing the meat output and gain high production indicators;
  • reducing production cost price for 1 kg of increase;
  • increasing economic efficiency of pig production for 7-10%.

Кoudijs MKorma production is already chosen by:

  • LLC "Kamsky Bekon", the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • LLC  "Korall", Tver region
  • AIC "Agroeco", Voronezh region
  • LLC "Tsar-Mjaso", Bryznsk region
  • CJSC Plemzavod "Shojbulaksky", the Mari El Republic


According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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