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Diary & Meat husbandry

Кoudijs MKorma has developed the universal program for livestock feeding.

It includes:

  • for calfs – from the 4th – 5th day of the life to 15 weeks prestarter feeding "Muesli";
  • for young animals – from 15 weeks to one-year-old age 20% concentrate;
  • for heifer, milk cow and eilds – 10% concentrate;
  • for eilds – premixes.

Usage of the program from the first days of the life allows:

  • providing opportune development of cicatrical digestion;
  • breeding healthy young animals and increase daily average gain in weight  up to 14-17%;
  • reducing open-period and fecundation index significantly;
  • increasing dairy production average up to 1,5 – 4 kg for 1 cow at optimal prime cost.

The animal husbandry represents the branch connected with the analysis of a set of components, which considerable part is a selection of an optimum diet for cattle. It not simply accounting of what vitamins and minerals have to enter feeds for cattle, but also drawing up a feeding programm, since first days of life of an animal taking into account age, sex and agricultural purpose. So, feed and a form of its giving (concentrate, firm production) for cows and calfs, experienced bulls and dairy cattle, the eilds and others has to differ.


You won't simply find premixes in our company for animals of any age and any breed: we also will help you with a choice of suitable goods and drawing up the optimum program of feeding. It will allow you to optimize process of functioning of your enterprise considerably. Even little changes in time of feeding, duration, structure of the chosen feed can significantly affect a situation, having caused changes in milking capacity, a condition of animals, their health, the weight, quality of digestion, susceptibility to infections. Our experts will help to make these changes positive.


According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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