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Eggs Production & Poultry

Кoudijs MKorma develops individual feeding programs for egg and poultry farms. The main target – maximal recipe optimization allowing reducing feeds prime cost significantly, saving high nutrient and quality index.

To develop genetic potential of present cross poultry our company:

  • develops receipts taking into consideration the cross, feeding base characteristics used at the farming, feeding technologies and poultry keeping;
  • optimizes up to 400 parameters nutrition ration using Best Mix computer program;
  • produces premixes on the equipment, which allows distributing evenly vitamins, amino acids, salt, natron, coccidiostatics, enzymes, drugs for egg yolk coloring, antibiotics, prebiotics, probiotics and other components, which are less than 0,5% of the total composition.

Usage of Кoudijs MKorma premixes allows:

  • reducing of human factor influence and hand work expenses at the farming;
  • reducing compound feed and finished product prime cost significantly;
  • improving zootechnical indexes: egg laying capacity, mass of laid eggs, feeding conversion, gain in the live weight of the broilers, poultry safety and immunological status.

Selection of feed for poultry,  pigs and cattle - not an easy task. Only into account the specificity of egg and poultry meat cross allows increasing productivity. This is due to the fact that each cross needs feeding specific feeding, optimal balance of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other essential elements. All this is carefully considered and implemented in the calculation step receipt for poultry by the technologists of our company.

Poultry farming - one of the profitable sectors of agriculture, working where you need to take into account many nuances and subtleties. To choose the right feed - is not easy, the slightest mistake can lead to enormous losses. It is therefore important to find a manufacturer where you can buy feed for poultry (broilers and layers), being confident, not only in its quality but also that it meets the needs of agricultural poultry cross.
We offer not only premixes and feed for poultry, but also provide technological support sales on feeding and keeping of poultry for our partners.

According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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