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Amino acids


DL-Methionine is the first limiting amino acid for poultry. If the natural methionine content of poultry feed is low, it must be augmented with supplements. It is vital as a structural material for protein synthesis and methyl group donor in the process of creatine synthesis, ethanolamine, noradrenaline etc. Methionine prevent from fat collecting in liver and its fat regeneration. In the lack of methionine the appetite goes down, growth slows. Feeding methionine is white crystal powder with light smell, liquefiable in the hot water, alcohol and acids. There are methionine  98% in perfect preparation.


L-Lysine Sulfate - feed additive used for enrichment and balance the rations of agricultural animals with lysine.
Along with lysine in a preparation there are other substances that enhance its nutritional value : carbohydrates, mineral salts, organic acids, more than 10% of other amino acids.
L-Lysine Sulfate has greater exchange energy than lysine in hydrochloride form.

The use of L-Lysine Sulfate in mixed feed production is economically viable and environmentally sound, and increase economic efficiency of production.


L-Lysine belongs to a group of essential amino acids. It is required for the regulation of nitrogen, carbohydrates, and also for synthesis of nucleotides, chromoproteids, promotes healthy growth of young agricultural animals. It affects the formation of erythrocytes and deposition of calcium in the bones and the absorption of phosphorus.
Also it has positive effect on the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow and the state of the nervous system. This amino acid is used in the manufacture of mixed feed for pigs and poultry.


This amino acid is a precursor to many physiologically active compounds of serotonin, tryptamine, nicotinic acid. Tryptophan is required for normal reproduction, for the growth of animal and dairy production. The drug is a white, crystalline substance containing not less than 70% of L-tryptophan.


Perfect threonine is white crystal powder. It’s the second limitative amino acid in the protein of wheat, barley and sorghum. The most effect can be reached in pig breeding. Lack of threonine is in growing stock and poultry.


L-Valine is one of the 20 proteinogenic amino acids, found on almost all known proteins. One of the main components in the growth and synthesis of body tissues. Together with leucine and isoleucine is the source of energy in the muscle cells and prevents the reduction of the level of serotonin. Its use in manufacture of mixed feeds for pig and poultry production is economically beneficial and safe.



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