Swine rearing

Swine rearing

Modern pork production is based on the use of balanced diets of complete feeds for various groups of pigs. The company Koudijs MKorma provides total consulting for customers - producers of pork meat.


  • Development of individual feeding programs for each customer.

  • Consulting on the improvement of production technologies.

  • Consulting services on feeding and management issues.

  • Consulting services on the microclimate management.

  • Consulting on veterinary issues.


  1. When we make calculation of recipes we take into account modern approaches of pig feeding, the raw materials base, the technology of feeding and management used by customer.
  2. Development of a range of solutions to optimize of the microclimate settings and pig management.
  3. Consulting and training of specialists and personnel to obtain optimal performance results.
  4. Identification of business needs and analysis of the obtained results.


  • Significant reduction of the feeding and final products costs.

  • Reducing the impact of the human factor and optimizing production processes.

  • Improvement of performance results: feed conversion, body weight gain, livability, immune status of the pigs.