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Koudijs MKorma — united Russian-Dutch enterprise, established in 2009 on the basis of two companies: De Heus corporation, one of the world market leaders of feed additive, which has a 100 year history, and МКоrmа, an exclusive supplier of De Heus production in Russia since 1994 year. Currently the company provides with the total complex of service in agricultural animals feeding. It is one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing and selling of premixes, concentrates, prestarters and feed additives on Russian territory.

Special pride of the company – expert sales maintenance: feeding programs and enterprise microclimate optimization, performance of raw materials and finished products precise analysis on the territory of Russia and abroad.

The company builds its business with the assistance of agricultural sector senior staff experts: its members have great experience in the research and practice field, they also have diplomas of leading Higher Educational Institutions of Russia.   

Koudijs MKorma owns the factory situated in Lakinsk, Vladimir Oblast. Its productive capacity enables to produce up to 120 000 tones of premixes annually.

Our partners are the largest producers of agricultural products: Agroholding BEZRK Belgorod Pelleted Feeds in Belgorod Oblast; LLC Kamsky Bekon and LLC Chelni Broiler in Tatarstan; Agricultural OJSC Belorechenskoye in Irkutsk Oblast; OJSC Permsky Svinokoplex in the Perm Territory; CJSC Mordovsky Bekon in Mordovia and many others.

Koudijs MKorma endows into the professional communities formation. The company is a many years member of RosPtitseSojus, National Union of pig breeders, Feeders Union; takes part in different exhibitions and conferences regularly.

At present Koudijs MKorma is a dynamic company, developing new markets. It has a great number of many years’ partners and a high reputation that is really gained.

Do you know that the average frequency of semen from one boar is 4 days? (boar semen after, boar is given 3 days of rest and on the 4th day boar semen is taken again)
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