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At present consulting is becoming a popular service in agricultural producing. Due to the development of the business initiative, flow-in to the agricultural sphere of people who have no experience in the manufacturing processes and technologies practice, producers have many problems in technological, ecologic and economic issues, therefore they need knowledge met modern requirements.

Educating of agrarian producers is behind modern rate of science development, due to this fact the question about consulting service appears.

Our company specialists are dealing with great number of farms (poultry farms, pig farms, livestock farms); they’ve already consulted and are consulting at present many enterprises, their assistance is based on the recent developments in the field of feeding and keeping of farm livestock.

Cooperation starts from the first visit of an enterprise by our specialists. The enterprise position on the argomarket, segment niche taken by its production, economical rates which the enterprise aims at, technologies used, specific problems and omissions – there are no trivial matters in production activity, everything is being analyzed carefully!

Examination of the enterprise feeding base allows making the best offers of the company products to solve the concrete problems (increasing of average daily gain, reduction of fattening period, reduction of feeding conversion, increasing of livestock safety, improving of products quality etc.)

Development of the most economical rations for all production groups of livestock, calculated on the basis of 2 of the best European optimization programs "Best Mix" and "Feed Expert" helps to solve local problems: sustention of immune status of livestock and getting the feeding antibiotics free products particularly.

Implementation of consultations regarding production of the new formulation feed mix. Careful attention is paid to the feed structure, its attractiveness to purchase. In special conditions keeping the recommendations on the feed structure and its consumer appeal improving is able to enhance the production performance of fattening up to 10-15%.

Online consulting service is focused on the control performing of the problems, which appear if the feed base is constantly being changed, the quality of the main feed raw material changes for the worse; the raw material stuff is replaced by new and unused ones.

Scheduled consultations are being kept to have planned meetings together with enterprise staff and usually are held once a month. 

It's a great benefit that consulting help of our experts is included into the service complex and is provided together with our products buying!

According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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