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Already 25 years our company offers large agro-industrial holdings, the livestock and poultry-farming enterprises opportunity to buy feeds, feed additives, compound feeds and quality premixes at optimum price. Producing goods (premixes, prestarters, protein vitamin mineral complex) meet all animals’ demands taking into account their specific and appointment.
The sphere of our activities includes not only production and compound feed sale; we also provide the technological support of sales, which allows improving productivity and efficiency of partner farms.
All production letting out by the Russian factory is being produced according to the international standards of quality, on production is introduced the integrated system of management, which are meeting the requirements of ISO 9001-2009, ISO 22 000, including HACCP are adopted in the factory. It guarantees to the consumer high quality and safety of the product. All products are presented in the market by Koudijs MKorma company, are being produced according to quality control standards "De Heus Brokking Koudijs B.V.". All above-mentioned characteristics guarantee to the consumer of products its high quality and compliance to the declared level of efficiency.

According to the rating of the analytical center Expert Koudijs MKorma has entered the TOP of the largest agroindustrial companies in Russia in terms of revenue for 2017.
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